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Braised Chicken with Bell Pepper Mole March 6, 2010

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4 Boneless Chicken Breasts

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Onion, chopped

3 Cloves Garlic, chopped

2 Tbsp Chili Powder

1 tsp Cumin

½ tsp Cinnamon

1 can Rotel

1 Red Bell Pepper, chopped

1 Yellow Bell Pepper, chopped

2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

2 oz Bitter Sweet Chocolate, chopped

1 Lime

Salt and Pepper to taste


Heat olive oil in sauce pan.  Sautee onions.  Throw in Garlic and all dry spices, sautee to blend flavor.  Add Rotel, peppers, peanut butter, chocolate, lime.  Simmer 10 mins.  Puree in blender until smooth, pour back into pan.  Brush chicken with oil, salt and pepper.  Sear chicken on both sides then add to Mole, bring to a simmer and braise for approx. 45 mins.


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